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Thread: Youtube and HTML 5?

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    Youtube and HTML 5?

    I've been seeing articles that say HTML 5 can handle video content, and that firefox 3.5 can handle HTML 5. So, can I play videos on youtube without adobe flash if I'm using firefox 3.5? I ask because both of my computers are unable to play any flash videos on youtube or hulu etc without horrible tearing, low fps, and excessive CPU usage.

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    Re: Youtube and HTML 5?

    This might clarify some of your questions.

    I think you won't be able to watch YouTube videos because it would required a change in the page code to use the new <video> tag, replacing the embedded video object, which currently uses the customized YouTube flash player.

    To solve the YouTube issue you could install Greasemonkey extension for Firefox and load this script. It will allow you to play YouTube videos with mplayer plugin instead of Flash, including HD, and also provides a link to download the video. Is just a workaround, but might allow you to watch the videos.

    Also take a look at these threads:

    UKeywords: 649167 2009 june youtube flash performance greasemonkey script links
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