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Thread: HOW-TO: Connect Sixaxis to Ubuntu trough bluetooth mode

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    HOW-TO: Connect Sixaxis to Ubuntu through bluetooth mode

    After the BlueZ stack was updated to 4.xx, Sixaxis joysticks (from Sony PS3 console) stop working. There's some people on the bluez team working to make it work, but it seems that it could take a while.
    So I decided to create a simple GUI that would use some patched 'hidd' that allows to connect Sixaxis to a Linux PC "out-of-the-box".

    The app is called 'QtSixA' (It will be in 'Apps' -> 'Utils' -> 'QtSixA'). The GUI is now complete and has been tested to work in 32, 64bit and PowerPC/PS3 computers.

    If you're not running from a PS3 (or any PowerPC machine), add the repo by running this command:
    For Ubuntu 9.10 or upwards:
    sudo add-apt-repository ppa:falk-t-j/qtsixa
    For Ubuntu Jaunty or Intrepid, add QtSixA PPA to the Software Sources: (replace UBUNTU_VERSION by "jaunty" or "intrepid")
    deb UBUNTU_VERSION main
    Then can you install it by opening a terminal and type:
    sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install qtsixa
    For PS3 users, DEBs can be downloaded here:

    If you are using Natty (11.04), please check this first:

    Screenshot: (Old)

    Bugs or feature requests:
    Use the links in the QtSixA GUI (menu "Help" -> "Web Links")

    About the Code:
    The GUI is written in PyQt (python-qt4) and uses 'sixad' (written in C++) to connect through bluetooth or a hidraw device. They're both released under the GPL v2 license and you can get the source code here:

    You can check recent posts at page 89
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