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Thread: HOW-TO: Connect Sixaxis to Ubuntu trough bluetooth mode

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    Re: HOW-TO: Connect Sixaxis to Ubuntu trough bluetooth mode

    Quote Originally Posted by andriod2388 View Post
    I'm having problems with sixad. i go to pair my ps3 controller and it rumbles and the LEDs light up but then fails and i get this in the terminal.

    andy@andy-Presario-CQ56-Notebook-PC:~$ sixad --start
    sixad-bin[15782]: started
    sixad-bin[15782]: sixad started, press the PS button now
    sixad-bin[15782]: Server mode active, will start search now
    sixad-bin[15782]: One event received
    sixad-bin[15782]: Will initiate Sixaxis now
    sixad-bin[15782]: One event proccessed
    sixad-sixaxis[15784]: started
    sixad-sixaxis[15784]: Connected 'PLAYSTATION(R)3 Controller (60:38:0E:C4:A0:15)' [Battery 00]
    sixad-sixaxis[15784]: Bad Sixaxis buffer (out of battery?), disconneting now...
    sixad-sixaxis[15784]: Read loop was broken on the Sixaxis process
    sixad-sixaxis[15784]: Closing uinput...
    sixad-sixaxis[15784]: uinput_close()::ioctl(UI_DEV_DESTROY) - success!
    sixad-sixaxis[15784]: uinput_close()::close(fd) - success!
    sixad-sixaxis[15784]: Done

    I have no idea what to do or what the problem is. thank you for any help

    I'm having the same problem. The LEDs on the sixaxis flash in succession and it rumbles but then i get the same error as andriod2388. The batteries are fully charged and the sixaxis works fine on the ps3.

    Any ideas?

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