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Can sixad's force feedback work in WINE?

According to the WINE Wiki, there is support for force feedback using DirectInput on top of evdev.

In the WINE Forums I found some advice on making it work, which I have not tried.

I only have one application to test the force feedback, ePSXe 1.7.0, in which it is definitely not working, but WINE seems to have some trouble with sixad. All of the input works, but the analog controls get mapped to extra, imaginary controllers.
The force feedback *does* work in Wine, but it depends on the games.

Windows has support for custom FF effects, which linux doesn't (the base is there, but since no driver uses it, no one cares about it too).

ePSXe is one game that uses custom FF effects, so it's rumble won't work with any linux joystick.