Hello all,

I've just recently switched from WinXP to eeeBuntu Standard on a eee 1000. Everything's great, except that I can't seem to create a makefile for a release version of FreeCiv 2.1.9. After running "./configure" from the game directory, the log finishes with:
checking for gzgets in -lz... no
configure: error: Could not find zlib library.
I did when you might expect and ran "aptitude search zlib", finding the following:
i libcompress-raw-zlib-perl
i libcompress-zlib-perl
i libio-compress-zlib-perl
v libio zlib-perl
i zlib1g
Next ran "sudo apt-get install zlib1g" since this seemed the most likely suspect judging from lots of forum comments. Verified that zlib was installed, both via Synaptic and by grepping /usr. It's there and it's installed. Of course, I wouldn't be writing this if ./configure worked after all this, and it doesn't. Same error, no change, so no makefile, so no game install.

I understant that zlib is an old problem, especially it seems with Ubuntu. Anyone have any solution to getting FreeCiv's config to recognize my zlib? Or is there a different zlib that needs to be installed?

Thanks in advance!