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Thread: 64bit Flash Issue

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    64bit Flash Issue

    I recently upgraded to Jaunty. With 8.10 my sound went away but could still view flash. Now, I can't view flash but I can hear sound. To clarify, I can't stream any media files from flash based sites (e.g. Pandora).

    I have done the following:
    • Removed SWFDEC
    • reinstalled SWFDEC
    • Unistalled Flash 9
    • re-installed flash 9
    • Uninstalled Flash 9
    • Installed Flash 10
    • installed Ubuntu restricted
    • installed FLASHPLUGIN non-free
    • uninstalled flash plugin non-free

    I have tried many of the following links:

    Just to name a few. I also used google and found some helpful sites but no success. If any one can provide some more light I would be most greatful.

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    Re: 64bit Flash Issue

    Well, I figured out what my problem was/is. On my 64bit box the old ATI Radeon graphics card is not being recognized. This is why I was able to play some flash and not all. I was on the verge of figuring out how to install the driver when my Jaunty decided to freeze then the power went out here and now when rebooting the splash screen comes up then goes completely black. How freaking awesome!


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