I've searched this thing to death, and found several posts, but no working solutions. Here's the specs...

I'm running the latest version of Ubuntu (I think we are up to 9.10 or so?) x86_64 bit version. I upgrade the thing daily, so all the packages are up to date as of yesterday.

I have been running an ATI Radeon 9800 SE video card in for a couple years, which took long enough to find a solution to the correct configuration. I just got a new video card, because that one is almost dead. As mentioned it is a Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT, not PCIe but regular PCI slot.

So first I went directly to the Nvidia website and downloaded the correct driver, and follow their instructions to install it. Rebooted, and I'm stuck in a 600x480 resolution. I'm running this on a 19" LCD so yeah it looks awful. It appears that the driver has installed, as I can run nvidia-xconfig, which doesn't help, and I can use the Nvidia Display Configuration tool instead of the Ubuntu one. However, changing the display resolution in the Nvidia Display Configuration Utility only makes my screen scrollable, so that it's like I'm zoomed in on a 600x480 portion of the screen.

I tried modifying my xorg.config file by adding Mode "1280x1024" in the same place I needed to modify the previous one for my ATI card. (Can't remember which section that was, maybe Display?). That didn't help. So I tried removing the driver and installing the latest one in Synaptic (named something like nvidia-glx-180, or something similar). Same problem, so again I removed the package and installed it through the proprietary hardware drivers manager. No help there either. Can anyone help find a solution?