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Thread: thinclient and touch screen education ideas for <3 y.o.?

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    thinclient and touch screen education ideas for <3 y.o.?

    I just ebay'd a thinclient with touchscreen
    I was wondering if any one had any cool uses for the thin client?
    the touch screen I plan to experiment with GCompris and other educational programs I have a 2 y.o. and a 3 week old and my two year old loves Gcompris
    but i have to use the mouse and click for her. I think that touching the screen could get kids nerdy with linux just past 1 y.o. has any one tried
    a touchscreen with childrens educational software? could this thin client
    even run that kind of stuff?

    If the thin client cant run Gcompris what could i do with it that would be neat/usefull?

    description of what i'll pick up tomorrow.

    Geode GX1 300 MHz
    SDRAM 64 MB (expandable to 256MB)
    Flash Memory 32 MB
    Width: 2.1 in
    Depth: 8.8 in
    Height: 11.4 in

    9-Pin & 15-Pin serial ports
    (2) USB ports
    (1)10/100 Ethernet port
    (1)Mouse port
    (1)Keyboard port
    (1)25-pin serial port
    (1)Sound card with stereo line in, mic & speaker input/outputs
    (1)Wireless antenna for wireless connectivity

    This Neoware NEO BA4000S comes with:

    (1)Neoware NEO BA 4000S CPU
    (1)ELO Touchsystems 12-inch touchscreen monitor with 9-pin & 15-pin connection
    (1)CPU Power Chord
    (1)Monitor Power Chord
    (1)15-pin monitor cable
    (1)9-pin monitor cable

    Eon 4000s is the smart Linux appliance that thinks outside the box. Eon 4000s lets you run Windows or UNIX applications from a server - plus connect to the Internet, and run any Linux application - without the cost or hassle of a PC. Naturally. It's from Neoware - the industry leader that's won virtually every award in appliance computing.Because Eon 4000s is based on NeoLinux - the first-ever appliance version of Red Hat Linux - it's stable, secure and reliable. Plus you can customize it just about any way you want. Need to replace PCs or green screen terminals in your network? Eon 4000s can do it. Need web browser kiosks? Eon 4000s can do that, too.

    thanks for any help/suggestions i may get.

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    Re: thinclient and touch screen education ideas for <3 y.o.?

    ok so i got this and figured out how to get to bios and then to a bash shell (redhat) and reset passwd but when i go to gui a password enter box flashes but now the keyboard dosn't work
    and there is no onscreen keyboard
    the touch screen lets me choose telnet and then it tries to conect to unknown address how can i get a new distro flashed over with out a cdrom?
    or how do i enter the password on gui (touchscreen)
    how can I add keyboard support to red hat with just bash shell?


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