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Thread: VDPAU? Need Help

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    VDPAU? Need Help

    So I recently converted my desktop to a HTPC. I am fairly new to Linux and am looking for some help. I have been trying for a few hours to get VDPAU enabled in Mplayer. There a only a few guides I found to walk me through this but none of them have been successful to get me to the point of VDPAU working.

    Does anyone have any guides that worked for them?

    I am very interested in getting this to work, I just need a little help.

    It seems that some of the guides were written 6 months to a year ago, does anyone know of anything more recent.

    I am currently using 9.04 and have a 9500 GT installed. I manually installed the latest Nvidia drivers and have my HDMI out working perfectly with sound.

    Any help is much appreciated at this point.


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    Re: VDPAU? Need Help

    The repo here has working vdpau enabled version of mplayer as well as latest nvidia drivers. If you followed instructions by andrew46 on how to compile your own mplyaer, you would have a vdpau enabled mplayer as well.

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