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Thread: 9.04 Wireless AP b/g/n - ath9k/hostapd only

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    9.04 Wireless AP b/g/n - ath9k/hostapd only

    Ive been screwing around with this for the last few days, trying to find out how to setup an AP using Ubuntu and an Atheros card. Basically what I wanted was a server to tie in multiple networks for file/printer sharing with a wireless entry point. Im a complete newb with Linux/Ubuntu so this isnt exactly as fleshed out as id like it to be, but it works and turned out to be surprisingly easy. Madwifi was giving me Stuck Beacon problems and it wasnt looking like it would support N mode. I hadnt found an exact how-to, but this post got me started in the right direction:

    After a fresh install of 9.04 Desktop:

    add the following to the software sources(System>Admin>Software Sources>Third Party):
    sudo -i
    apt-get update
    apt-get build-dep hostapd
    apt-get source hostapd
    apt-get install hostapd
    apt-get install linux-backports-modules-`uname -r`
    You need to set your interface up in /etc/network/interfaces:
    gedit /etc/network/interfaces
    auto wlan0
    iface wlan0 inet static
    address [your computer's IP address]
    netmask [your network's subnet mask]
    gateway [IP for your internet router or exit of your network]
    Then you need to configure hostapd. The two main things to config are the interface and driver:

    Everything else after that is pretty self explanatory in the hostapd config. Reboot and you should be ok.

    ***To start hostapd:
    sudo hostapd -d /etc/hostapd/hostapd.conf
    So far ive been running at N speeds with no problems. Continuous ping tests might have one drop in an hour, nothing serious. Im sure I left something out or didnt do it in the right order, but hopefully this will save some people some trouble
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    Re: 9.04 Wireless AP b/g/n - ath9k/hostapd only

    Good point about the backport in the post. ath9k and hostapd versions are "misaligned" in 9.04. Driver doesn't support master mode already, while hostapd still doesn't have it. Installing 9.10 works, as does the backport of hostapd. My wireless card is D-Link DWA-552 with Atheros AR9223 in it. Works fine with 9.10, and works with the backport too.
    More: setting driver to nl80211 and interface to wlan0 is not enough in hostapd.conf. Channel and wireless mode must be verified, hardware dependant.
    More: hostapd.conf is "root access only". Run chmod on it before editing .
    More: change defaults for hostapd so it will fork off a daemon and start automatically with the system.

    UPDATE: Karmic dev edition doesn't work, unfotunately. 9.10 with backports works. Both are server versions in my case.
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    Re: 9.04 Wireless AP b/g/n - ath9k/hostapd only

    Just to update, I have an ar5008 card (d-link dw-552n extreme) and used this write up to get my ap running.

    I am using Ubuntu Server 10.04.1. The only steps I needed was:

    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install hostapd

    Then I followed the rest of the directions. I did some additional configs in the hostapd (just reading through using a little common sense) to set the channel, switched to mode g instead of a, set wpa=2, and other encryption info in the hostapd.conf file. I deleted absolutely nothing from the orignial hostapd.conf file nor was anything commented out that was already uncommented.

    Now I just have to get my ap connected to the internet LOL.

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