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Thread: Crazy input on FIRST login

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    Red face Crazy input on FIRST login

    Hi all,

    I'm using Ubuntu 9.04 fully updated with a MX1000 mouse.

    I'm facing this strange issue:
    on FIRST (and first only) login, my mouse gets crazy:
    - I can click on panel to start an application, calculator or nything else
    - when I click anywhere on the application to interact with it, this gets minimized (!!). If I click again (empy desktop now) the application gets unminimized.

    If I move to Console #2 and restart GDM, or Alt-F4 to kill the app then use panel applet to end session and re-login, everything works just fine.

    This is a PC I'm going to use as mediacenter, so this strange problem impacts drammatically on my goal.

    Any suggestions about all of this madness ?

    thanks in advance

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    Re: Crazy input on FIRST login

    Is it an optical mouse? PS2 or USB? Using a KVM switch?

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    Re: Crazy input on FIRST login

    the MX1000 is a laser mouse, good quality, wireless (usb receiver).

    Event at first login - when issue happens - the movement is fine and buttons are coherently mapped.

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