I've been fiddling with what I hope to be a PVR very soon for a while now and I've found myself in an odd predicament.

I'm using the on-board composite video output on my Jetway motherboard which uses the Intel GMA 950 video chipset. I've discovered that if I connect it to my old 4:3 Philip's CRT the video output seems fine. However, if I connect it to my 42" widescreen TV there is a black box around the video output. Has anyone encountered this before and know how to fix it?

Another problem I have is that it's difficult to change the screen resolution. Clearly, when I have it connected to the CRT I want it to output 4:3 and when it's connected to the widescreen TV a 16:9 output would be preferrable. Most of the time, when I try to change the resolution all that happens is I get kicked out to the log in screen and when I log back in no change has been made to the screen res. Any suggestions there as well?

Many thanks