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Thread: Network Layout thru VPN

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    Network Layout thru VPN

    Hello guys. I have a network to build but can't figure out the settings.
    I have 2 locations A and B witch are connected thru VPN MPLS. At location A I have the domain server and about 30 users, all in subnet. The vpn router has in location A and in location B. In location B I also have the email server and a few other computers in subnet. Also there is connected in B location a Linksys RV082 router witch is connected to the fiber link for internet. Linksys has for LAN IP in location B. Now, I need all the computers from A and B to access the internet from the linksys router. The ones in A location should access internet from B location by VPN line. I also need that all computers in A and B to reach eachother.
    Right now if a computer from B has linksys router as gateway it can surf the web, but it cannot be seen by any computer from A location. If it has as a gateway the vpn router ( then it can see the computers in A location, but cannot surf the web anymore. I couldn't connect to the internet any computer from A location.
    The VPN routers are Cisco 1803 and they belong to my internet provider, I cannot change anything there, only the Linksys router. If needed I could contact the ISP to make changes in Cisco routers.
    I attached an image with the layout. Can you give me any advice please?
    Thank you very much.
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