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Thread: From Topfield to DVD

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    From Topfield to DVD

    I've been working on a process to create a DVD from a movie recorded on the topfield using Ubuntu 8.10

    From Topfield PVR to DVD

    1. Copy file from topfield using "puppy"
    puppy -c get 'DataFiles\filename.rec' 'filename.rec'
    2. Use "Project X" to cut out ads and demux
    results in 2 or 3 files filename.m2v filename.ac3 filename.mp2
    3. Use mplex1.exe to form mpg file
    wine mplex1.exe filename.m2v filename.ac3 filename.mpg
    wine mplex1.exe filename.m2v filename.mp2 filename.mpg
    4. Use DeVeDe to create iso file
    click on "adjust disc usage" to make it to size
    5. Right click on iso file
    select "Write to disc"

    If anyone has found a better way I'd be interested to try it.
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