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Thread: Nginx repository for Ubuntu/Debian

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    Nginx repository for Ubuntu/Debian

    Edit: I'm stopping with this.

    Nginx is a lightweight server written by Igor Sysoev. Nginx is capable of running heavy websites with a lot less resources then Apache for example. Unfortunately nginx has frequent updates, making the package in the official repository age very quick. At this time of writing, the newest stable version of nginx is 0.7.59 while Debian Lenny provides 0.6.32 and Ubuntu Jaunty 0.6.35.
    The packages have been compiled on Ubuntu and installed on both Ubuntu and Debian without a problem.

    That's why I've set up a repository for the latest stable versions of nginx. Just add the following lines to '/etc/apt/sources.list' with your favorite text editor:

    deb lenny stable
    deb-src lenny stable
    And update your system with 'sudo aptitude update' or just 'aptitude update' as root. Now run 'sudo aptitude safe-upgrade' to upgrade nginx to the newest version.

    Install nginx from the official repositories first! Then update with my newer packages. The nginx executable from my packages is located somewhere else, so we need to make a symlink to the new location for '/etc/init.d/nginx' to work. Just do
    ln -s /usr/local/nginx/sbin/nginx /usr/sbin/nginx
    And you're done! Restart nginx with '/etc/init.d/nginx' and if that doesn't work do 'killall nginx' as root.

    More information, like compile options, can be found here.

    Development and legacy version are now also available, just replace "stable" with "development" or "legacy" to get the corresponding packages.
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