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Thread: HOWTO: Build an energy-efficient Ubuntu box

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    Lightbulb Re: HOWTO: Build an energy-efficient Ubuntu box

    If ye're able to land them in your country, the following components can be used to build as energy-efficient a system as I've been able to discover, with sufficient power reserves for expansion at a later date:

    VIA® pc3500 Platform (C7-D or Nano X2 or X4 CPU; CN896 chipset; planar Chrome9 GPU)
    Antec® Earthwatts™ 650 Platinum™ (20max A@+3.3VDC; 18max A@+5VDC; four 30maxA@+12VDC rails)

    The pc3500 is already fully supported by LinUX Kernel 3.3, the Unichrome GPU server, and the ALSA snd-intel audio driver; the onboard PCI-Express x16 slot allows for SCSI or high-performance video at a later date, the legacy PCI 2.0 slot a variety of multimedia options.
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    Gigabyte® GA-MA78GM-S2HP (AMD® Athlon 64® X2 5600+ MPU, RS780G NB, SB710 SB)
    Audio: ASUS® XONARESSENCESTX/A (PCIe, C-Media® CMI-8788 via PCIe-PCI bridge)

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