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Thread: Choppy Video

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    Re: Choppy Video

    Quote Originally Posted by thomasaaron View Post
    OK, I'm testing on a Wild Dog with ATI graphics too.

    What do you mean 'lower the flash quality setting?'
    When you are playing a video in flash and right click on it it should give you a menu, one of the options being Quality Setting. Gives you low, medium, and high. Settling it to low smoothed it out for me, however I am running the 64 bit 10,0,22,87 version...and to install it follow the instructions listed in the post a few down from yours. If I try to use the plugin synaptic installs lowering the quality seems to have limited to no effect.

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    Re: Choppy Video

    Ah, I see. Thank you for clarifying.
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    Re: Choppy Video

    Quote Originally Posted by thomasaaron View Post
    Hi, jbraswell. I think this is a flash bug. I'm working on it right now with a Wild Dog in my shop. What system are you using, and what kind of graphics card?

    For the rest of you guys, if you reboot your system does flash play well for a little while before becoming choppy? Or is it choppy from the get-go?
    On a brand new Pangolin w/ 9.04 Jaunty, Flash video play smoothly after boot. However, if I close the lid and have it hibernate, then open ... WHAMMO! Coopy video until the next reboot. Most Flash video sites are affected and become choppy to watch, but sometimes Youtube is ok. Weird.

    But a reboot fixes it. I used both wireless and eth0 hardwire connection to a 5 Mb internet link.

    So wonder why a suspend/hibernate would cause this? How does this relate to workstations? Maybe when the nVidia is turned off for screen saver, somehow has a bad Flash reaction upon awakening?

    Really weird.

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    Re: Choppy Video

    I had the same problem.
    - Choppy Flash on full screen, regardless the source.
    - Choppy AVI on full screen

    I tried
    $ gstreamer-properties
    the go to video > Default Output > from Auto to X Windows System (No XV)
    Auto : Choppy
    X Window System (No XV) : GOOD
    X Window System (X11/XShm/XV): Choppy

    So you might want to try that
    Anyway, in case you need it my system is:

    Dell Inspiron 1505
    3GB DDR2 800 Ghz
    Ati Radeon X1400
    15.4 1680x1050
    Intel Core 2 Duo T7200 2.0GHz

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    Re: Choppy Video

    same here on intel . never had this problem in hardy all vids were smooth as silk, even just 512 ram . flippin flash and lucid do not like each other . ill try this ' fix ' when i get home now we need a linux hack for phones boot up ubuntu moto
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    Re: Choppy Video

    Thanks thebacotman, your instructions solved it for me too!!

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