Hey folks: I use Kubuntu 8.04.02 and have 3 minor associaton problems I can't quite fix.

#1 When for example I turn on my external harddrive, Dolphin pops up. This is especially bad, when I have like 3 or 4 flash drives, and the external drive all plugged in, and start the sytsem * bang * I have that many dolphins running (swimming?) at once. How can I stop this for good?

#2 I can't quite stop the programs from using Konqueror. Some follow the rules and use Firefox, but still some pop up Konqueror. I once took out Konqueror, but of course programs then started complaining.

#3: I want to use VCL for any video file, but nothing I've done will make programs default to VCL when I click on a movie file. They all revert to the default which doesn't work half-the-time.

Is there a low-level config file that I can write to, that ALL programs must follow regardless?

- Kc