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Thread: Huh? no one is using Blu-Ray burners yet? Well, I want to!

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    Re: Huh? no one is using Blu-Ray burners yet? Well, I want to!

    Quote Originally Posted by salvachn View Post
    It might be an accepted format, but at what cost? You can't play a disc you'll buy next year with your current player, and the media isn't cheap either!
    There is enough wrong with Blu-ray without you spreading disinformation.

    There is no Blu-ray format switch on the horizon, and all licensed software players can be upgraded with new keys. Future discs will continue to work, especially if you're talking self-burnt discs.

    New Blu-ray video discs with MKBv12 and BD+ protection can't be ripped or played on Linux yet, but this will come soon.

    If you want a Blu-ray recorder, go for it. Some day everyone will have one, and if you need the extra capacity now, do it!
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    Re: Huh? no one is using Blu-Ray burners yet? Well, I want to!

    I'd rather wait for the format to become standard and prices stabilize. So I guess a two-three years wait. And a friend of mine got a shiny new player for INR 75000 ($1500) and a few movies. Now the latest movies he bought on BD won't play, and the upgrade keys don't seem to work! It seems something is wrong with every format endorsed by SONY!

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