I have a Logitech "Wave" keyboard that I like with a few exceptions.
1) The windows key graphic
2) The "web browser" function key IE graphic
3) The "chat" function key MSN graphic
4) The "word processor" function key MS Word graphic
5) The "spreadsheet" function key MS Excel graphic

See a pattern there?

I have always wanted to get a sticker to replace the windows key. I don't care if it is Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Tux, or a middle finger. It would be an improvement.

I have searched for keyboard stickers and this seems to be about the only solution: http://www.hooleon.com/menu-diy.htm

I'm quite surprised that with the overall dislike of MSFT that there doesn't appear to be a easy or obviously place to get a windows-key overlay sticker.

Anyone have any other leads?