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Thread: Very Beginner, Manual Install, Help?

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    Very Beginner, Manual Install, Help?

    Ok, first post here, and sorry to make a new thread, but I did search. I'll try to keep it short. I want to (manual) install Ubuntu (downloaded ~1 month ago) on a hp pavillion dv6985se. I have the 64bit version of Ubuntu (64bit system), and my question is, for the partition, I use ext3, yes? And mount it at "/" if I'm trying to dual boot (with vista)? Many thanks for any help
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    Re: Very Beginner, Manual Install, Help?

    Yes. The default format is ext3 and it's stable; by default the first partition will mount at "/".

    Might be good for you to search the "Tutorial and Tips" forum for threads about dual booting with Vista.
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    Re: Very Beginner, Manual Install, Help?

    yes use ext3, ext4 is still new and not that stable yet...
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    Re: Very Beginner, Manual Install, Help?

    Yes, at least one partition has to be mounted at / for Linux to function (it's the 'root' of the filesystem, and sorry in advance if you know all this already).

    Dual-booting has more to do with the boot loader (in this case Grub) than where you mount the partition. Ubuntu should set that up for you, though.
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    Re: Very Beginner, Manual Install, Help?

    ext3 is the filesystem you should install Ubuntu on, but I suggest you to create more than just one partition: if you're new to linux and ubuntu you'll probably screw up things (or suppose to), so it might be helpful to create at least two partitions: one partition will mount at / (say 10GB) and the other one at "home".
    This way you won't lose your data (your home directory is located in /home/<your-username>) by reinstalling/formatting/whatever the system.
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