Hello forum,

I was recently reading about VPEP (http://www.vpeptech.com/index.php?op...emid=35&pid=27), a provider of resource optimization technology. They claim the following about their technology:

1) It "understands" the application and identifies the potential performance bottlenecks.
2) It then makes optimal resource allocation decisions.

So basically, they are claiming that they can do the job of an OS better. I find it hard to believe, especially since all the learning is done statically. If we are speaking of an embedded system application, I can still see the claim. But how can they beat the performance of Ubuntu, for example, in optimizing resource allocation?

What is your thought? Do you think it is possible to "learn" about the application statically and make decisions that can beat the performance of Ubuntu, or any OS for that matter?

Please provide your thoughts.