I just got a new webcam WB-6120, and although it said it was for windows vista, I'm sure that there's a way to have my hardy recognize it.

I used add remove software to install Camera Monitor (which I'm not sure what that's doing at all) Camorama and Cheese (three webcam based programs to see if it would connect to the camera at all)

now the camera is lighting up green showing that it is getting power correctly.

When I try to start up Camorama I get this alert box:
Could not connect to video device (/dev/video0)

when I did a search in /dev I saw nothing that looked like video0 or video, but I did see quite a few lines of usb (although I'm using a hub to connect a few usb devices, most of the devices are working and work on plug and play)

I'm not sure if I should look in the fstab or where to look to try and find this device

The Camera Monitor is also set to /dev/video0 (but it seemed to be set at this by default when I installed this)

anyone have some helpful tips for me?