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Thread: undo update? more wireless issues

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    undo update? more wireless issues

    im running ubuntu 8.10 on an acer 5315 laptop. I ran the update manager last night (may 29th 12:30 am first time in like 3 weeks) and after the system restart i went into the hardware drivers menu to activate my wireless driver like i normally do to get online, Since the last update the only way i have been able to get the wireless to work is to activate it every session. The wireless is the only driver listed under the hardware drivers menu. After activating the driver the wireless still didnt work, so i tried again, this time at the bottom it said another wireless driver was in use. I am not sure which one of the updates changed my wireless driver, but i would like to undo that update specifically, or if that is not possible undo the entire update that was done this morning so i can install the updates one by one. Or if there is a better solution to my problem that would be great. I have not had a lot of sucess using madwifi and the like, for some reason or another the drivers will never quite start working. Any help would be greatly appreaciated.

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    Re: undo update? more wireless issues

    I was just looking through the forums more and read this:

    " Re: Ubuntu 8.10 Broadcom B43 Wireless
    If you have a working internet connection, you should be able to install the firmware by going into System->Administration->Hardware Drivers and activating the Broadcom option.

    Also, are you using an Acer? Sometimes an additional step is needed for some Acer models."

    I didnt really get any help from this, just more questions, do you need an active internet connection to activate the drivers? and does anybody know what the extera step is for acer models? I have been having wireless isues with this computer ever since i ran my second set of updates. It worked fine after the original install(clean) but after that its been nothing but trouble. is there some way to make it just work regardless of updates?

    also i just want to thank this comunity for helping me figure out ubuntu, you guys are great.

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