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Thread: Install puzzle pirates

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    Install puzzle pirates

    Hello, I have recently upgraded to the latest ubuntu and I want to install puzzle pirates. On the puzzle pirates site it tells you to download the file, open a terminal window and run the installer program. % sh yohoho-install.bin Then follow the instructions in the installer.

    I tried this and it wouldn't work. how can i get the add/remove programme to install the file I downloaded?


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    Re: Install puzzle pirates

    I think you may be in the wrong directory, when you open a terminal, you will be in ~/ meaning your home directory, but by default firefox downloads get saved in the desktop folder, so we need to change directory, in a terminal run the following commands, the first change directory
    cd ~/Desktop
    and the second runs the installer
    sh yohoho-install.bin
    Hope this helps,


    EDIT: Notice that ~/Desktop is case sensitive, capital 'D'
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    Re: Install puzzle pirates

    woohoo, game installed, thank you so much

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    Angry Re: Install puzzle pirates

    I'm also suffering from same problem. but i installed java and puzzle pirates but at last its asking that it needs jvm 1.5 or more as follows

    Which Java Virtual Machine would you like to use?
    Note: the JVM must be version 1.5 or newer.
    [] jvm 1.6
    [: 59: 1.6/bin/java: unexpected operator

    i gave jvm 1.6 it shows as above. also it asked about the location to store the yoclient as follows

    Where would you like to install yoclient?

    now i dono what to do here. i am new to ubuntu so please help me to play game..

    i installed java using the comand

    sh jre-6u16-linux-i586.bin

    which was in my home folder.. h

    help me please............

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