Hello to all of you....
I have been an apparmor fun from it's birth.I was delightful
when I heard that it would ship with ubuntu a priori because
it provides a simple end user security framework and throws the glove to SElinux through simplicity and high security.

Main Question
Crispin Cowan (the main developer of Apparmor) got hired from MS and got away from Apparmor development (when he got laid off from novel).Will Apparmor be developed for linux or it will be a dead promising project because of Crispin's leaving?
In addition novel ships with SElinux.This fact MAY take two explanations :
1.Appamor is abandoned
2.novel is trying to get in the us market because the government has as an obligation that linux systems that want
to get into government's systems should have SElinux by default

PS: COWAN said that abandoning apparmor would make his job easier for security in windows vs linux OSes because solutions as SElinux are not favourable from end users.In the other hand, simple security solutions will rule....(That is very logical)

So what it would be for Apparmor ???