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Thread: Videos not playing?

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    Exclamation Videos not playing?

    My brother just recently installed Ubuntu on my Acer laptop to replace Windows XP, which had nothing but problems. He did tell me I might have some problems/confusions but I trust he knows what he is doing, afterall he didn't do 4 yrs of college for nothing =). But my only issue w/ it is no matter what website I go to videos just will not play. I tried downlaoding everything I could read on the internet. NOTHING WORKED! I read that it had something to do w/ the newest version of Adobe Flash isn't compatible? So I downloaded the older version suggested, only problem is it's a zip file & it's all text. I am pretty clueless when it comes to codes or anything like that. Does anybody have a fix to this problem or had a similar problem? It's hard for me to get my brother to do it since he lives an hour away & works crazy hours w/ Amazon. Suggestions?

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    Re: Videos not playing?

    hi ambs5702...

    for anyone to give you a good answer you need to supply more info.

    your running ubuntu, but which one? 8.04, 8.10, 9.04 32 or 64 bit?
    you said acer, but which model?
    what media player are you using?

    my personal experience...i had trouble at first with default player. instead of fixing it, i just switch to VLC media player. yes i know, shamefully lazy of me, but it worked.

    works in firefox 3.x just fine...

    also there are restricted drivers in Synaptic Package Manager that your brother probably installed, but check.

    there are other things, but i suggest you start here...hope that helps and welcome to the forum


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