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Thread: pcsx problem

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    Re: pcsx problem

    Quote Originally Posted by sp0tz View Post
    Try pSX, maybe? I wrote a guide....
    i agree, i recommend pSX unless one prefers to use plugins.
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    Re: pcsx problem

    yea, I just tried reformatting both memory cards
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    Re: pcsx problem

    I am also having this same issue with Legends of Mana, after OP is freezes. I have all my settings the same as what you've recommended.

    I am having some issues installing and compiling the data from the developmental version of Pcsx-df.

    I am new to the whole terminal and command prompt. could someone help me out?

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    Re: pcsx problem

    The link doesn't work anymore

    Quote Originally Posted by BoyOfDestiny View Post
    Alright, maybe there is an issue with sound, so I posted that config too. However, the dfinput thing is odd, you've configured a controller I'm guessing... Also, if you have a "speed" problem, make sure Auto FPS Limiting is ticked in the pcsx Video driver config

    So, if you do have Ubuntu jaunty, 32-bit, I've posted a simple deb to install.
    After installing, go to Configuration -> Preferences in pcsx,
    Path to Plugins:

    See if that solves it, it may just be a bug with the old version.
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