Then try to browse to your network share in nautilus (type smb://OC999/movies for example). Then if you still get an error, check the output in the terminal to see if it gives more information.
thats what I tried , I'm not even sure if this is even a network related problem anymore .. its more like my nautilus is screwed up and won't work with smb:// commands ( neither with ftp ) because for some reason it adds /home/oc in front of it .. result is :
»/home/oc/smb:/OC999/movies« could not be found.
same happens when I try to open a connection to an ftp ( ) .. just adds my home directory to the line.
also when I click on places and then computer ... it tells me that computer places are not available ?
do I have to reinstall ubuntu or do you have any advice on how to fix this problem ?