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First of all, Winbind did not prevent your computer from starting, Firestarter did.

Have you looked at the Vista specific information in the howto? I believe it's been updated since you saw it last.

Otherwise, I'm not sure I can offer much more help unless you remove Firestarter in favor of UFW, and reinstall Winbind.

As far as I know, Firestarter is not installed on my system. I find no link to it to suggest it's installed. And as I said, winbind freezes the system when trying to start; un-installing it allows a normal boot.

Yes, I have read the Vista how-to. As I mentioned originally, though, I have un-limited access to another share on the same computer with the same fstab commands. I have checked the security of my two shares in Vista against eaach other & I don't find any differences.