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Thread: Digikam Crash issues

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    Digikam Crash issues

    I'm just posting a general query to see if anyone else is having crash issues with DigiKam under 9.04.

    I hadn't used Digikam in some time, and thought I'd see if it did more of what I wanted with true phototagging and so on, and I confess I like the way it works since I first tried it - it's more consistent and predicatable, deletes tags from the photos properly, et al.

    And then it started crashing as I tried editing tags - no actual information on why it was crashing, just crashed. And then it managed to blow away my gnome settings when it crashed.

    In the Immortal words of Doctor McCoy "It's not supposed to *do* that ? ? ?"

    The obvious possibility is that Digikam is fine and my hard drive is going out, but checking a few other things shows no other indications of that. Which mean something is very wrong in Digikam, but I'm not finding any bug reports that are showing anything like this.

    Soo - anyone else having issues?

    Thanks - Jonnan
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    Re: Digikam Crash issues

    Just as a quick note, although Digikam gave me no actual crash data, at *this* point the failure is "Failed to create Tables in Database" on startup, an error that has survived blowing away the database and uninstalling digikam completely and reinstalling.

    Just an FYI - Jonnan
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    Exclamation Re: Digikam Crash issues

    Upon running 9.04 Kubuntu, first video stopped working soothly; during an important demo. Then, Digikam crashed; on an important save, of a time consuming photo edit. Then, the error reporting application, *ALSO* crashed.

    Kubuntu is now gone. I'd been using it for years. I stayed back with KDE 3 until the parts of Digikam I needed were ONLY available in 9.04. I had warmed up to KDE4.

    ADDENDUM: A clean install of Kubuntu 9.04 is back(again). But, only to observe, at this point.

    I'm current still running Jaunty 9.04, yet in "andLinux"; on top of XP (tweaked). This makes me feel like things are backwards. If one needs to run KDE on top of XP to get their job done, somethings dead wrong.

    In this manner, I actually run kmymoney2, faster (or at least more efficiently) than if with Virtual Box(but not quite faster than native). Both KDE and XP apps run simultaneously on XP. Of course, it's a good thing I have 768MB RAM to share. 256MB is currently set for "addLinux", when it's "on".

    It's just (currently) more productive for me. Plus, you KNOW, how I feel about closed software. See my signature.

    I don't know what to say. This new way, is double the ability and with half the trouble. Why doesn't Kubuntu's latest, work? Is there a quality control problem? Bad leadership? I know, it will probably be fixed. Yet, I've been following (PROMOTING!) Kubuntu for years. One would hope for the important things, to work better! This is only my report. It hit me hard; for what I do. I've lost confidence in it, for now. I don't imagine this failure, is a positive experience for new users. Call me crazy, but I even wonder if some funny business, is going on.

    Ubuntu is the "new user Linux" for human beings (non-technical) and poster child for open software? Houston, we have a problem.
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    Red face Re: Digikam Crash issues

    I am getting the same error messages from Digikam.

    I cannot start the program.

    Using KDE4.3 and Digikam 1.0

    Anyone know how to sort this


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