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Thread: Evernote clipping script

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    Evernote clipping script


    I've been using the Evernote client in WINE for notetaking lately. This is a small script that uses Evernote's automatic file import feature to clip selected text into the client.

    Basically, I select text and hit a key combination and the text appears as a new note in my default Evernote notebook.

    1. Install xsel, a little utility that allows you to interact with the X selection.
    sudo apt-get install xsel
    2. Set up folders:
    mkdir ~/Evernote
    mkdir ~/.wine/drive_c/Evernote
    ln -s ~/Evernote ~/.wine/drive_c/Evernote
    This way, you can drop a file in ~/Evernote (more convenient for you) and
    the Evernote client will pick it up from ~/.wine/drive_c/Evernote (accessible to Evernote).

    3. In the Evernote client, choose File -> Import -> File Import Wizard and go through the wizard.
    - Source Folder: browse to the second folder you created above, it'll be in C:\Evernote
    - On the second screen, make sure to choose "Watch folder for changes and import files automatically"
    - I have it delete the file when it's done importing, this doesn't really matter.

    4. Open a text editor and copy-paste:
    #evernote "clipper" - just takes the x selection and writes it to a text file that Evernote will import
    #create a random filename so you can clip to your heart's content without losing anything
    random_string=$(< /dev/urandom tr -dc _A-Z-a-z-0-9 | head -c8)
    #this line writes the x selection to a file
    xsel > ~/$random_string.txt
    #if we write the file directly to the evernote folder,
    #evernote will delete the file before it, well, exists
    #and you'll get an empty note. So instead...
    sleep 1
    mv ~/$random_string.txt ~/Evernote/$random_string.txt
    Go ahead and strip the comments if you want, it just tells you what's happening in the script.

    Save the script (mine is "en-clipper") and make it executable. You can assign a keybinding to it. It doesn't require input, xsel takes care of all that. Just select text, execute the script, and notes will appear in Evernote.

    Feel free to correct anything I did, I just blindly pieced together a bunch of stuff.

    Have a good day!

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    Re: Evernote clipping script

    Wow man! U r an unbelievable guy. This worked for me and thanks a lot again and again.

    I desperately needed something like this.

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    Re: Evernote clipping script

    Works very nice! Unfortunately, ubuntu still lacks perfect Evernote support, but wine at least offers basic functionality. I missed the clipping function until now, but not any more !

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    Re: Evernote clipping script

    ajy0852 may hence be called SuperClipperMan

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    Re: Evernote clipping script

    I found NixNote (formerly NeverNote) to be a decent approach as a native app.

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    Re: Evernote clipping script

    NixNote rocks! Between that and the Evernote extension for Firefox, I don't need anything else.


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