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Thread: Ubuntu/Linux on Tablet PCs

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    Ubuntu/Linux on Tablet PCs

    The next purchase I am looking to make is that of a tablet PC. Anyone have any first hand experience they are willing to share with running Ubuntu/Linux on tablets? My big question is are there any distros out there that support multi-touch on the screen? Also are there any brands/model I should look at in particular or more importantly that I should stay away from?

    Any suggestions/input is welcome. I am just starting to look this evening but plan to spend lots of time googling around the next couple weeks to try and find the best system out there tablet wise.


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    Re: Ubuntu/Linux on Tablet PCs

    Hi beastrace91,

    No multi-touch support yet. The MPX project hasn't been integrated into Xorg's Xserver yet. Some talk that it might happen by Kharmic (9.10). N-trig doesn't yet have a linux driver or project out. Some folks have done patches on the linuxwacom drivers to enable it to work.

    I have a TX2000 with a usb Wacom digitizer and touchscreen that's been working well since Hardy.

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