I recently updated to 64 bit Jaunty and now have a problem printing to a HP Laserjet 5L. This printer has worked properly with Ubuntu dating back to the 5.04 distribution. It is attached to the computer using a parallel to USB gender adapting usb cable. I first tried to add the printer using the system>administration>printing>new method. The printer was detect and added but whatever driver was loaded resulted in reams of paper being printed with smiley faces and poker icons. I deleted the printer and downloaded and installed hplib. When I call System>Preferences>HPLIB toolbox the utility does not detect any HP printer on the system. Thus i can not use the HP setup option. When I elect the CUPS web interface, the printer is detected. the driver I have picked during setup is HP LaserJet 5L Foomatic/ljet4. After finishing CUPS install I can print a test page that looks fine. I can print from Open Office although have not tried a multi-page document since I currently don't have one.

When I try and print a multi-page email received from a POP3 mail server, I get what appears to be a screen print. The printer prints the header of the msg and a portion of the page similar to what is displayed before paging down to show the whole mail. What CUPS parameter do I need to change to get the printer to recognize and print complete emails?