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    Acer Timeline 3810T

    Hi guys,

    I just got my Acer 3810T and trying to install linux on it. I want to document here what I am doing to get it run and hope you will contribute your own experiences here to create a central resource.

    The following things do not work out of the box (list to be extended)

    1. SATA: the boot takes forever, with error messages. Actually it crashes without interaction. I have to press CTRL-ALT-F1 as soon as the ubuntu-screen with the progressbar pops up, and wait until the messages stop. then press enter, and I see {initramfs} Then I enter 'exit', which bring up the messages (see below) again but eventually it will show the login screen. submitted bug
    - If you go into BIOS and switch the SATA mode to IDE (from AHCI), it will work, but this will disable any Vista that is installed.
    - Further, you can workaround the issue by adding "libata.noacpi=1" to your kernel boot command line

    2. The LAN Card
    On this page here: you can find the AR813X-linux-v1.0.0.8.tar.gz driver. The README in the file pretty much explains the installation. The MAKE INSTALL failed for me on the installation of the man-file but that does not seem to have mattered. Now the card is deteced.

    Here is a mode detailed description:
    $ gunzip AR813X-linux-v1.0.0.8.tar.gz
    $ tar xvf AR813X-linux-v1.0.0.8.tar.gz
    $ cd src/
    $ make
    $ sudo make install

    3. Camera: works fine also after installing the proper driver:
    - type in: sudo modprobe uvcvideo
    - type in: sudo apt-get install cheese
    - type in: cheese
    - set the resolution in the preferences to 640x480 to get rid of the distortion
    - done!

    The following version DO work out of the box, as far as I could test it:
    1. The graphics. They start up directly in the right resolution.
    2. The SD-Card reader. Inserted cards are opened and read fine.
    3. The Wireless network. The reception is strong and connections work good
    4. The soundcard. Speakers work fine, even though the volume of the internal speakers is low (same as in Vista)
    5. Bluetooth. I was able to discover and pair with my cellphone
    6. The FN-linked button for sound, screen brightness, bluetooth off/on etc

    Attaching an external Screen

    I have a Samsung 970p here and wanted to attach it with a resolution of 1280x1024 and had some trouble doing it. So here is the solution in case you also have issues getting the proper resolution.

    First, know the resolution and the frequency. 60Hz is working fine here.
    You have to find out a modeline for the screen you are using. For this go into a shell and type:

    # gtf 1280 1024 60.0
    which gives you the modeline for 1280 x 1024 at 60Hz:
      # 1280x1024 @ 60.00 Hz (GTF) hsync: 63.60 kHz; pclk: 108.88 MHz
      Modeline "1280x1024_60.00"  108.88  1280 1360 1496 1712  1024 1025 1028 1060  -HSync +Vsync1024 1025 1028 1060  -HSync +Vsync
    Then you edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf to look like this:
    Section "Monitor"
            Identifier      "Acer Monitor"
    Section "Monitor"
            Identifier      "External Monitor"
            Modeline        "1280x1024_60.00"  108.88  1280 1360 1496 1712  1024 1025 1028 1060  -HSync +Vsync
    Section "Screen"
            Identifier      "Internal Screen"
            Monitor         "Acer Monitor"
            Device          "Video Card (Primary)"
            SubSection "Display"
                    Virtual         1900 1200
                    Modes           "1900x1200" "1366x768" "1280x1024"
    Section "Device"
            Identifier      "Video Card (Primary)"
            Option          "Monitor-VGA" "External Monitor"
    Note where I inserted my modeline to make it work. If you then log out and log in again, the menu SYSTEM - PREFERENCES - DISPLAY should show the 1280x1024 resolution in the dropdown. This is the general direction. If this does NOT work for you for whatever reason, please take a look at this here:
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