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Thread: HP TV Card EC680 on Dell E1505

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    HP TV Card EC680 on Dell E1505

    I have a Dell E1505 that has ubuntu 9.04 installed on it and it is working exceptionally well.

    I would like to ask a question...

    I have a HP EC680 expresscard tv tuner that i would like to get to work in ubuntu. Is there a way to do that? I can't seem to find any way to do it or to get it even recognized by linux. i do not have nor could i find any drivers for linux for this card. All i could find are windows drivers. Also i have a tv viewer program already installed in ubuntu "tvtime". It comes on just fine but cannot find a signal

    Thanks to any/all that take the time to offer help to someone fairly new to ubuntu.


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    Re: HP TV Card EC680 on Dell E1505

    I'm wondering if your card is the same as mine that I got with my HP laptop
    Made by the "Yuan " company a product of Taiwan

    I have been searching for any type of driver like you that would work with it being the offical and or a all in one type

    I have even wrote the company in which 2 weeks later I get a reply with "We do not support that card you have to contact HP for support, here is the drivers you might need ( which was windows )"

    I then contacted HP about the card included a copy of the email about contacting them instead and their reply was " We do not support that card, contact the manufacture"

    I'm half tempted to take the card and smash it but it works well when I boot into windows, but I can't seem to want to boot into it just for tv.

    I had written Yuan again with a copy of their reply and HP's and asked if neather of you support the card you made, witht he drivers you made for windows, is it possible to see the code or what not to the driver?

    Never herd from them again.

    I was kinda hopeing that with what ever they could give me it could be made for ubuntu.

    Even a generic driver would be great that works with this thing.

    Good luck and please post if you find anything out


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