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Thread: OK, Explain This to me...

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    Re: OK, Explain This to me...

    Quote Originally Posted by wsonar View Post
    back in the day when they had proprietary hardware they could have been arguably better now there just intel pc's
    They were always PC's... they just used a different CPU architecture. One that other non-Macs also used.

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    Cool Re: OK, Explain This to me...

    I've been running OSX and Ubuntu on my MacBook Pro-1,1 for a while and (for many reasons) I wish I could use Ubuntu more often, but I still haven't figure it out a way to make the touchpad work as precisely as it does in OSX and I still haven't took the time to reconfigure it (set up users and a shared /home HFS partition with the same UUID) in order to open and modify all my documents from wherever I boot.

    Hardware-wise, I'm very happy with my almost 4 years-old Mac. I've added a bit of ram and changed the HD to get more space, but never used the 3-year Apple-care plan that came with it (school-package), even though I carry it every day from home to work.

    As personal-case mention only: -my sister has a Lenovo-laptop (2 years-old) that had the keyboard replaced under warranty and CD drive that broke after it was over; -my father has a Gateway-laptop (1,5 year-old) with a broken Ethernet card/connector that forces a reboot on every shutdown request, I can tell you how happy he is. . Aggravating factor to be considered: they rarely use their computer as laptops but rather as fixed-location Desktops...
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