Hi to all. After lots of time i decided to reinstall ubuntu and i must admitt i think i did
it really succesfully since i managed to connect to internet, load and make all apropriate drivers operate and the most difficult i managed after 8 hrs to make the wireless work too. Now lets analyze my system a bit so i can tell u my big problem.
acer aspire 5021 wlmi
processor amd turion 64 bit 1.6ghz
1 gb ddr ram
graphics ati mobility radeon X600 64 mb pci express
screen width 15.4'
max resolution 1280x800 60hz
ubuntu installed 8.04

The problem that i have is that even if ati driver is installed and working properly i am not really satisfied by the colours and resolution quality as well as the video quality.
I know my screen from before and i know what quality gives the colours and its resolution appearance. I really find smthing strange to the quality which i cant describe exactly. I can describe that letters of programs and firefox look big, and give the impression of ink spread on bad quality paper. Also icons are very big even though resolution achieved is the max...1280x800. Video rendering is bad and gives rectangles and viewable pixels during dvd play. And sorry to say but all these compared to what quality and video rendering gives the win xp (dual boot) for the same laptop and of course hardware. I forgot to say that firefox scrolling up and down is not smooth and gives the impression that if u do the scroll really fast....the bottom colors and pictures of a site will cover the upper.....I am sure smthing is not workng properly or in fact ...there is a possibility i dont have hardware acceleration at all even though i have max resolution...The devide driver of ati is appeared to work well and is ''in use''....and checked
All other devices work smoothly as well as the wireless internet, sound (top quality ...believe better than ever with this driver) and device detection.
Ty all for reading my problem.