i have a laptop harddrive 2.5 ide i need to get some data of it so i got my self an all in one hardrive link it i now the link works because it found the data on one of my other hardrives that was a 2.5 ide. but somting i find very weird the one that i want to get data of want show on windows or my mac at all but on ubuntu if i go to computer i can see the usb on the computer both windows and mac show northing. when i click on it on ubuntu it says cant mount drive so i thought i would post here to see if i anyone could help me as ubuntu is the only os that even looks like it could find the hard drive have tired many text commands on windows but had no luck

anyone got any ideas ( or is the hardrive dead as can be) its form a dell laptop with windows xp and it dose have a recovery partion on it

thank you for your help