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Thread: Need help- Load driver in SliTaz

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    Exclamation Need help- Load driver in SliTaz

    I installed SliTaz in Vmware, (added both Bridged and Nat). In SliTaz, after success in pppoe-setup, pppoe-start can't bring up the connection, pppoe-status says it can't read pppoe PID file var/run/ I checked the var/run folder, I don't see such a file.

    Via google search, I got the instruction from SliTaz's handbook:
    "On an installed system you just need to add the module_name to the variable LOAD_MODULES in /etc/rcS.conf to load your module on each boot"

    In the rcs.conf file, I see that I already have a module loaded on boot:
    LOAD_MODULES = "vfat nls_utf8 ohci_hcd intel_agp snd_ens1371"
    I guess this is the sound card driver.

    Now, how can I add my network card in this file? Via "lspci", I got a list of drivers, but I don't know which one to add, and how? Here's a picture of the lspci result:

    Please help!

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    Re: Need help- Load driver in SliTaz

    give virtualbox a try, had no problems running Slitaz as a virtual machine with full network connectivity.

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