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Thread: disappearing add ons?

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    disappearing add ons?

    Hi folks, this is not life or death but is going to be a real pain in the butt, so I would like to prevent it from happening again if possible? I received a message from Firefox that there were some new add on's available. I did pick up four more of the new add ons. This was yesterday (Thursday) When I booted up my machine this morning my side bar was closed so I did not noticed anything wrong. But this evening I went to use one of add on's and noticed that the icon was gone? Opened my side panel and EVERYTHING was gone except the four new downloads??I have had them for quite a while (8 months) Never happened before! Hope it never happens again. I had a ton of add on's and boy is it going to be time consuming to replace them. DRAT!!The only other action were a couple of updates for some existing add on's earlier this week. For the last two days I have not used any of the add on's. Spent two days opening and sending e-mails. Nothing fancy just drone work.
    If anyone has had this happen to them, or anyone know what could have happen, or knows a way to prevent this from happening, Please get in touch and let me know, I would really appreciate the feed back. Thanks for listening bob.

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    Re: disappearing add ons?

    When you open the addons sidebar there are a few additional tabs there. When addons are updated, the tab is automatically changed to show the updated addons. Click the "green puzzle piece" icon on the top of the addons sidebar and it should display all installed addons.

    If you are worried about loosing your stuff, you should make backups. You can use FEBE to backup your entire Firefox profile, including extensions.


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