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Thread: Pangolin HDMI and HDTV setup issues

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    Re: Pangolin HDMI and HDTV setup issues

    So I tried to get Audio over HDMI working again, but no dice. What I did was...

    1) Install a daily build of Ubuntu 9.10 (20090813)

    2) Install newest Nvidia driver (185.18.31)

    3) Install newest AlSA Driver (1.0.20) Which is the default, but I did anyways.

    4) I even tried a daily build of ALSA, and it still didnt work.

    I give up

    There are somethings they changed in Ubuntu 9.10 with the GUI for how sound preferences work. I don't really like it, it's confusing

    But I prefer CLI anyways, and aplay -L does not show any Nvidia HDMI outputs like it should.

    Although I do like how it shows what applications are using sound resources, and you can dictate priority (The new sound Preferences UI

    Lastly for the S76 dev guys the Track-pad does not work properly. Moving the mouse does, but Horizontal Scrolling, and tapping the middle for clicking does not. But It's probably too early for you guys to care, it's just an unstable build.


    Never mind it works just fine, it is disable by default. Just have to go into Trackpad settings....Maybe that should be enabled with the S76 driver? Also there are two new options, "Disable Trackpad while typing", and "Two-Finger Scrolling"

    Disable Trackpad while typing works GREAT!!!! , but not Two-Finger Scrolling
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    Re: Pangolin HDMI and HDTV setup issues

    HDMI audio has been working fine for me on my Bonobo. I had to change a few things. Here's a screenshot of my settings.
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    Re: Pangolin HDMI and HDTV setup issues

    Lee Machine: Did you have HDMI audio working in Interpid? What settings did you use?

    This is one of those "I'll be testing at work" things since I don't have HDMI tv here Wanted to play some movies off comp while working.
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