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Thread: Knome Guide: Stealing KDE's Eye Candy

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    Knome Guide: Stealing KDE's Eye Candy

    Now that Xcompmgr has run its course, its time to move on the greener pastures. Those who use KDE full time already can use the compositor built into their favorite desktop environment to enjoy a whole bunch of pretty effects. Gnome, on the other hand, is just starting to get these ducks in line. If you are like me and you prefer the Gnome Environment, you will be happy to know that its possible to "upgrade" its native window manager to one that is more fun so you don't have to wait.

    This guide is very similiar to my old Enlightened Gnome guide, except that it does not advocate using a window manager from the turn of the century (which is why I never updated the other guide for Breezy). I hope someone likes this.

    Lets get started. First step is to edit your Xorg file. Best way is follow the first part of my older guide here:

    If you are using an Nvidia card (recommended) I also will suggest getting the newest drivers. The ones in the repos are crashtastic. Use this guide here to do that:

    Now on to the specific parts of my guide.

    Now save everything you are doing and close all other programs cept the ones I talk about.

    First put this command into the terminal:

    sudo gedit /etc/apt/sources.list
    Copy and paste this line in the bottom of the file that comes up:

    deb breezy main
    Now save and close the file.

    Now put this command into terminal:

    sudo apt-get update
    Now put this command into terminal:

    sudo apt-get install kwin kwin-baghira kdeartwork-theme-window
    Tell apt-get yes when it asks something.

    When its done, put this command into terminal:

    sudo cp /usr/share/gnome/default.session ~/.gnome2/session
    Write that command on a piece of paper somewhere too.

    Now put this command into terminal:

    sudo gedit ~/.gnome2/session
    Look for this line:

    0,RestartCommand=gnome-wm --sm-client-id default0
    Delete that line. Yes. Delete it. Now save and close the file.

    Now go to your menu.

    "System" -> "Preferences" -> "Sessions"

    Click on the last tab "Startup Programs"

    Click "Add"

    In the place for "Startup Command" put

    For the order, make it "10"

    Now hit "alt" + "control" + "backspace"

    Login and notice the difference!

    Ok. Now its time to control this darn thing. Put this in the terminal:

    Under "Desktop" and "Window Behavior" click the "Translucency" tab.

    Click the checkbox to turn it on. Now play with the other settings as you wish. Apply and close when you are done.

    To change the look of the window borders, right click on any title and choose the "Configure Window Behavior" option.

    The first thing that pops up is "Window Decoration." Choose the one you want and the option you want and apply and close. I like "Smooth Blend" best.

    There you have it- you are using a window manager that was meant to do neat tricks. I hope someone enjoys.

    Undoing what you did.

    This section is in case you do not like the result or it does not work for you.

    Hit "alt" + "control" + "backspace"
    Change the "Sessions" to "Failsafe Terminal" and log in.

    Now enter into the terminal the command I said to write down:

    sudo cp /usr/share/gnome/default.session ~/.gnome2/session
    When its done, put in this command:

    Now change the "Sessions" to "Failsafe Gnome" and log in.

    "System" -> "Preferences" -> "Sessions"

    Click on the last tab "Startup Programs"

    Choose the one that says "kwin" and delete it.

    Reboot and welcome back to normal.

    Ok. That is it for now. I hope you all enjoy!
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