I've been trying without success to get my bluetooth (Belkin USB plus EDR Adapter, 100m range v2.1) to work. In WindowsXP it's a partial success ... however, in Ubuntu (8.04) and with all the necessary Bluez files downloaded it's a total failure.
The bt icon shows on the desktop, and when booting a message tells me that it is ready to accept incoming files ... but it won't capture any other bt devices within its claimed range.
I've searched through the forums to find the answer to the problem, but no answer exists. Bluetooth has been on the market for several years now, surely, someone has looked into this? By the number of people writing in about bt problems I would have thought that bt connectivity would have become an issue requiring a solution ... but it appears it's totally overlooked.
I love my Ubuntu OS but it does have it's failings and it's at times like this when purely out of necessity I am forced to return to Microsoft to perform bt functions ... a sad day indeed