here's the rundown:

I wanted to check the linux half of my computer, and I discovered that Airport was not working (that other thread I started), so I drug my G5 over to my router and tried to get the airport fixed. I decided to update to 9.04, too. This worked perfectly. The splash screen and everything was perfectly fine. With your help I fixed what I was doing wrong with Airport, and it worked. However, I had like 120GB free on my Ubuntu partition so I wiped the drive, repartitioned giving double the space to the OSX partition of that drive. I did a fresh install of 9.04 with the alt installer and upon restart after passing the 2nd stage of yaboot, it hung on the black screen where the splash should have been and I could not get a terminal (this thread). The 'nosplash' argument fixed it, it booted fine and airport worked perfectly after installing the firmware.

Now, since the splash worked before, I know that it has to be able to work again and I want it to.