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Thread: Top 10 Tricks and Tips for the svn MPlayer

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    Re: Top 10 Tricks and Tips for the svn MPlayer

    Hi, I'm playing around with the ttys and the video from fbdev2 drivers and i'm really surprised how good could be... but, i've noticed a problem: if i play a video on tty1 for example, if i switch to another tty i still see the video.... and all the ttys are unusable; for my porpouse, i wpuld like to get tmux or screen play with tty and watch videos while work on files etc, but for some apps i need a single tty windows but if i'm playing a video i can't use any of the other tty for the mentioned problem... have you any resource or link i can view for?
    thank you

    srry for the english

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    Re: Top 10 Tricks and Tips for the svn MPlayer

    Attempting to change pitch whilst leaving tempo alone.

    Suggested syntax is:
    mplayer -af scaletempo=scale=1.0:speed=pitch input.mp3
    (this works, and using the [ & ] keys I can change the pitch by 1.10 then 1.21 and then 1.33)

    and then (from man mplayer) to add:
    ´[ speed_mult 0.9438743126816935´ and ´] speed_mult 1.059463094352953´
    to input.conf to change by musical semitone.

    But the input.conf should look like this:

    #pitch control
    [ speed_mult 0.9438743126816935
    ] speed_mult 1.059463094352953

    This is useful for playing along to music and for whatever reason the music is in the wrong key (or the band tuned up or down in the studio!!)
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