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Thread: Which email server and how?

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    Question Which email server and how?

    Hi, I'm hosting simple websites (and DNS) for a long list of domains.

    I want to allow a user to configure email forwarding for their domain from a custom PHP web page. E.g.

    * ->

    It would be very easy to program if I could have this all in one config file that the email server used:

    * ->
    * ->
    * ->
    (everything else -> trash)

    I won't host any IMAP/POP/SMTP for email clients. It's forwarding only, and no local users.

    Each website has a email distribution list, but this isn't related.

    What is the simplest possible setup you would recommend? Postfix and exim4 seemed like overkill.

    Am I missing something?


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    Re: Which email server and how?

    There is nothing simpler than this:

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    Re: Which email server and how?

    +1 for nullmailer

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    Re: Which email server and how?


    Configuring Postfix with a MySQL back-end is a fairly easy task. With may actually be your best options, especially when automation is considered. You will need to configure Postfix to look at a MySQL DB for the transport map (which again is pretty easy). Documentation for this type of setup is widely available.

    This will allow you to add/edit/delete your transport records through basic PHP/MySQL scripts.

    mysql_table - Postfix MySQL client configuration

    Postfix and Courier Installation using MySQL

    Just my 2 cents

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