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Thread: "Unable to mount location" error--help!

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    "Unable to mount location" error--help!

    I'm a complete beginner with ubuntu.
    I was planning to try getting wireless working with ndiswrapper, but when i looked under system/administration/hardware drivers there was a driver there called "alternative atheros madwifi driver."
    I figure this means there *is* a native driver for the card, in which case i don't need ndiswrapper? Anyway, i activated it and restarted, and under "places/network" there is a "windows network" icon, but double clicking give the message "unable to mount location/failed to retrieve share list from server."
    Can someone give me a pointer or two--or am i on completely the wrong track?
    thanks in advance!

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    Re: "Unable to mount location" error--help!

    Have a look at

    See if that helps.


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