I found a problem with the logout process in Ubuntu 8.10.

When logging out from a 2nd user, I am taken to a black screen that has a cursor, and nothing else. Upon moving the cursor around I saw that there is an "invisible field" where I can put text, so I figured it must be the same windows that appears when I lock the screen (Ctrl + Alt + L).

So I press Alt + S, and luckily I am taken to the "proper" login screen.

Since I have been using Ubuntu for a while I was able to find this workaround, however many other people will look at the power button as the only solution.

Since pretty much all the threads blame compiz and Nvidia drivers, they are all irrelevant, because this occurs on a laptop with intel GMA 950, and compiz enabled or disabled.

I think there is a bug, but I haven't checked yet.

So the WORKAROUND is to press "Alt + S" after logging out, this should take you back to the login screen.