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Thread: Firefox in Debian Lenny - not working.

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    Firefox in Debian Lenny - not working.

    The Firefox web browser (called Iceweasel in Debian Lenny) stopped working in december last year when I upgraded from Debian Etch to Lenny and I have since then used Opera, Konqueror and IceApe.

    I really would like to get Firefox working again. The Firefox 2.x worked fine in Etch so maybe I need to get the source from the 2.x branch tree to get it working, I don't know.

    The Firefox web browser runs on my old Powerbook over here.

    Does anyone have any suggestions on if it's possible to get the Firefox 3.x working on a Linux ppc system? It has never worked for me and I have posted at the Debian User Forum also without success in this matter.
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